Saturday, November 22, 2008

Classic Nursery Rhymes

Classic Nursery Rhymes

  • I have a 5 month old and just received a copy of your Classical Nursery Rhymes and LOVE IT.
    It's like listening to Beck meets Shrek.
    It has comical little blurbs, with british men who sound like Mike Meyers being silly.
    I'm instantly a HUGE fan of Susie Tallman, thanks to my Father-in-law who introduced me to this CD.
    Thanks for making something that my husband and I can groove to as well and now, I'm actually learning all the words to these songs because I like them.

  • I am an elementary school teacher and I love using music in the classroom. I am
    always looking for fun music for my students, and Susie Tallman's Classic Nursery Rhymes has been a big hit for all. I enjoy the fresh sound and the clever arrangements she brings to cherished classics, and the children love the challenge and surprise of reworked favorites. Sometimes, when they are working in small groups, they will all begin to sing one of the songs from the CD, smiling and giggling as they go. I highly recommmend Ms. Tallman's music to anyone seeking quality and inspired children's music.
  • We recently picked up this cd at a baby store and left it for the babysitter to play for our 11 mo. old daughter. Last week, while packing in a rush for a weekend road trip, I threw it in the cd travel folder along with some music for the adults. When we played it during a grueling stretch of the New Jersey Turnpike, it wasn't just my daughter who was laughing, but my wife and I. This disc comprises clever and catchy arrangements and interpretations of both familiar and obscure nursery rhymes. I loved the accents, too, though they probably don't do much for our child, yet. Good stuff.

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