Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hug Time

Hug Time

Amazon Customers Review:

  • To be honest, I think McDonnell's comics series "Mutts" is cute enough, but it never really charmed me. This little volume, however, is the cat's meow. I love the simple style, drawings which could be described as sparse, except they are warmed with a lot of color, and the sweetness of the kitten's mission: to give the world a hug.

  • I'm proud to be an early reviewer of HUG TIME, Patrick McDonnell's third children's book and his first to be written in rhyme. Our hero, Jules (better known as Shtinky Puddin') is a tiny kitten with a heart as big as the earth he so loves. Dressed in his little green sweater, with his "To Do" list in hand (or paw), he travels the world with the singular mission of giving it a hug. With gorgeous colored pictures of creatures great and small, the author/illustrator teaches how one sensitive soul can make a difference.

  • I don't like cats, and I don't write reviews. But I love this book so much, I've come out of my shell. I had searched far and wide for a special "very first" book to give to my baby - one that I could inscribe "with love from Mommy" inside. It's hard to find a childrens' book with a warmhearted message that is not written with corniness and excessive cheese. I didn't hold much hope that this one would be any different, but OH MAN! By the time I got to the end, my eyes were a little misty! Not corny, not cheesy, the message is simple yet very touching. My older daughter was standing next to me in the bookstore with her finger in her nose, nagging me to take her to the Outer Space books, and I crouched down next to her and gave her a big hug!

  • An adorable kitten wants to hug the world because he's filled with so much love. A wonderful message about the gift of a hug. The artwork is so cute and the theme is so precious. This book would be great for any child. I also recently purchased another book with a positive message of family unity and love, Ladybug Baby Bug, by Janice and Mark Perkins. 20% of the books profits are donated to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank, a member of America's Second Harvest.

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