Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Polka Dot Animal parade! Fish, tucan, bird and much more

These Modern designs are available in various products: baby t-shirts, mom and dad's tees, brothers and sisters and various other items for baby, kids and the house. Coloful mugs for the office or preschool. Stickers just for fun and various other gifts. Aprons for the gardener or your favorite cook.

polka dot tropical tucan stickerColorful Tropicl Fish buttonFour Mice Design sticker

Lizard Green Dotted buttonCat Kitten Polka Dots Pop magnetFish Fishy button

Baby Carriage Gifts stickerBabycarriagepink sticker

Red Peace Bird magnetRooster the King of the BarnYard mousepadWildlife Elephant Mom and Baby mousepad

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