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Angela and the Baby Jesus: (Children's Edition)

Angela and the Baby Jesus: (Children's Edition)

Customers Reviews:

  • Once more Frank McCourt has delved into his youth - or rather, his mother's - to write a terse, engaging Christmas saga which will remind readers of his Pulitzer Prize-winning "Angela's Ashes". Young Angela Sheehan is six years old, and wonders about the baby Jesus in his crib. This is yet another heart-felt, memorable tale from Frank McCourt that is replete with his crisp, lyrical prose. While I won't predict whether this will be a perennial favorite at Christmas, it should be a most delightful saga enjoyed by everyone this Christmas. The children's edition of "Angela and the Baby Jesus" features excellent art from illustrator Raul Colon; the adult edition features superbly executed illustrations from illustrator Loren Long. Without question, this wee book promises to be a favorite of McCourties (diehard fans of Frank McCourt) and of others interested in the McCourt family saga.
  • Frank Mc Court never ceases to amaze and overwhelm us with his ability to take ordinary things and make them memorable and heart wrenching. Who would ever think that he would give us a Christmas story that would be so tender and captivating to young and old alike?
    There are two editions of this tome.One a childrens,and the other an adult. My review is on the latter. They were illustrated by two different artists.In the descriptions of the book ,here at Amazon,there are notes with examples of the art in the two editions.Be sure you read them as they will further your appreciation of the art accompanying MCCourt's touching storytelling.
    In Angela's Ashes we came to know her and and Frank's father and brother. But in this magic little story,we are introduced to Angela when she was a little girl of 7, her mother,her sister Aggie and brothers Pat and Tom.
    Most stories of this type take place in the days leading up to Christmas or on Christmas Eve;but in this case it is later as the Baby Jesus has already arrived in the Manger in the Limmerick church that the family attended. This is the type of story that will probably bear reading over and over again each Christmas. I have not seen the Children's edition,but I will be anxious to.I am sure it will be worth seeing how Raul Colon portrays the scenes as well as Loren Long does. The artwork in this little book complements the writing of McCourt;and to do such,is really saying something. Although this is a small book of only 27 pages,but once you read it,I doubt if you will ever look upon the Baby Jesus in the Manger again,without this story coming to mind.

  • Written by Frank McCourt, ANGELA AND THE BABY JESUS is a retelling of a true story that McCourt's mother relayed to him about an event she was involved in as a child. There are two editions of the story, a children's version and an adult version. The children's version is filled with more illustrations. This review is focused on the adult version of the book that has illustrations by Loren Long.

    Little seven-year-old Angela sees the baby Jesus alone in the manger at church and decides that he must get cold laying where he is and decides to take him home and warm him up. However, it's not an easy task as one might think.

    I love McCourt's writing and I am thankful to him for sharing about his life and now an episode from the life of his mother. McCourt's books are very sad and full of dark humor. However, ANGELA AND THE BABY JESUS isn't quite like that. There is some humor involved, but overall it's a heartwarming story full of the love, joy, and peace that surround the Christmas season.

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