Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lamaze Peekaboo - I love you.

Lamaze Peekaboo, I Love You


  • One of baby's first and favorite books, and it is washable! I gave 1 less star than perfect because I'd like to see some diversity in the people - not just your typical white family ;)
  • My son loves this book. He wants to listen to it a dozen times a day.
  • My son loved this book as an infant. It was perfect because he would chew on his board books and destroy them, but this one we didn't have that issue. I love the Lamaze series, they are a lot of fun not only for the child but for the parent.
  • I liked that this book was not only teaching my son about Peek a Boo, but we used it to learn names for family members like grandparents, sister, cat, dog etc. And of course with it being a lift the flap book, that was additional fun for my son as well. He's nearly two now and he doesn't look at it as much, but he still does enjoy reading it and playing with it now and again. I'd say out of all the Lamaze books, this one and Discovery Farm are his favorites.
  • The child plays peek-a-boo in the book with Mommy, Daddy, sister (but no brother), Grandma, Grandpa, puppy, and kitty...... I guess it isn't a huge deal, but if you don't have a traditional family with all of these members it may not be as much fun for the child. The book itself is well made and really cute. There are lots of things to touch and lots of interaction.

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